Nick Quah Launches Paid Membership Service 'The Thing'

If you aren’t already a subscriber to Nick Quah’s fantastic podcast industry newsletter Hot Pod then stop reading this and sign up immediately.

Once you’ve done that, go and sign up for “The Thing” which is the new paid membership service that he launched this week for $7 per month.

When you sign up for “The Thing,” you’re supporting the news gathering, analysis, and punditry that I do on Hot Pod. But you’re also joining what I hope will become a strong, informed, and connected community of podcast, radio, and audio folks.
As a member, you’ll get:
A Friday Newsletter. This members-only newsletter will feature wonkier updates, analysis, and writing about the podcasting space for now. Over time, I hope to shape it into what I’m calling a “community-driven newsletter.” More on that at a later date.
Members Only Forum (coming soon!). Meet other Hot Pod readers, discuss, connect, maybe collaborate. This should be up by next week.