WNYC Makes Audio More 'Snackable' On Social Media

WNYC have a new idea to make audio more consumable on social media: an “audiogram”. This is the latest development form WNYC who have already been experimenting with sharing audio on Anchor and Facebook.

The description from Nieman Lab of what an “audiogram” is is entirely nonsensical:

WNYC is working to solve this problem with a new tool called “audiograms” that turns a piece of audio into a music file. The result looks like an audio player, but it plays like a movie.

Let me give it a try: an “audiogram” is an audio clip set to an animated movie, this tries to make it more compelling and shareable on social media. This has the advantage that video is shareable on all social media platforms (whereas audio alone is difficult/impossible to share on Facebook and Twitter).

Delaney Simmons WNYC’s social media director talking to Nieman Lab:

“We think shorter, more snackable content is the way to go. People on social media are always scrolling through their news feeds looking for the next thing, and after we took a look at the backend analytics [for that episode], we decided the shorter, the better: Get people in, get people out, give people the best piece of content you can at the time, and hopefully they’re going to find it really interesting and engaging.”

I would add close captions to these “audiograms”. The default for video playback on social media is muted so users want an insight into the type of content when they as themselves “why should I unmute this?” as they scroll by.