MTV launches five podcasts

I really should just make a template for “<big media company> gets into podcasting” stories.
Today’s big media company: MTV. Specifically, MTV News.

Jordan Valinsky writing for Digiday:

MTV’s expansion into podcasting is part of the network’s reinvestment in its news department. Young people haven’t gravitated toward the brand as previous generations have, with its traffic online trailing compared to competitors like BuzzFeed. Since last fall, MTV News hired dozens of writers and editors to resurrect the vertical.

Since podcast production is relatively cheap (compared to video), it is a lower-cost way for MTV to try an become culturally relevant again.

For MTV, the move into podcasting shows how it’s targeting young people who are staring at their phones, rather than the television. Dan Fierman, MTV News’ editorial director, told Digiday that of its young target audience, 80 percent of all content they consume is on their phones and that the audience has been underserved with podcast options.