Downton Abbey creator previews next book as a podcast

Julian Fellowes is releasing chapters from his next book as a podcast. The first episode is free and subsequent episodes will be paid for. Is it a “serialized podcast novel” or an “audio book”?

Ellen Dunkel writing for

It’s most precise to say Belgravia is going to be a novel - first, it’s being released via another medium. Fellowes is telling his story week by week in a podcast - Serial-style - in 10 installments. You can read the first episode, released April 14, free at Then, if you’re hooked, you can pay for successive episodes one by one or in a bundle. Belgravia will be published in book form in July.

There is an iOS and Android app for Belgravia but when purchasing via the website it’s not clear how the episodes will be delivered. My guess is that you just get an audio file to download after paying rather than using something like an authenticated RSS feed to actually deliver them to your podcatcher.