Podcast review site The Timbre, closes

After two years, The Timbre, a fantastic podcast review and news site, says farewell.

Their farewell message is beautifully written and well worth a read - never a truer sentence was written:

At some point we had to be honest about the amount of time we spent listening to the incredible creations of others and not creating something ourselves.

I love their motto:

…our motto was “Be thoughtful.” It was a phrase repeated in the “Company Mission” we feverishly typed out in those early days, before we even knew what the site could be. It was scrawled on a sticky note that hung from a computer on which so many posts were typed. Be thoughtful. Be thoughtful in the way we listen to shows, be thoughtful of the creators who spent years honing their craft, and be thoughtful in how we talk and write about the work.

I shall strive to be as thoughtful on this site as they were.

The Timbre, you will be missed.