FiveThirtyEight podcast goes old-school and uses voicemail for feedback

The new finance/political podcast from FiveThirtyEight, Kitchen Table Politics, has eschewed the likes of Anchor and has asked listeners to use voicemail to give feedback.

Ricardo Bilton, writing for NiemanLab:

Ahead of the show’s launch, the producers set up a dedicated phone number that people could call to share their stories and perspectives about each week’s topics. For each episode it offers a simple, but open-ended prompt, the responses to which are excerpted and discussed by the show’s hosts and guests.

In light of Rolltape shutting down, it should humble us ‘tech-forward’ advocates that simplicity and ubiquity often win out. The hurdle of downloading an app, creating an account, figuring out how it works, is trumped by just sending a voicemail.