Audible starts paid tier for original content

Audible launched Channels earlier this year, their original content offering, and it is out out of beta. People who don’t play $14.95 per month for Audible can pay $4.95 for access to Channels. The complete list of original content Channels is launching with includes “Presidents Are People Too!” co-hosted by Elliot Kalan of The Flophouse fame.

Eric Nuzum, (Audible’s senior vice president of original content) speaking to NiemanLab’s Shan Wang:

“I would say that a lot of podcast houses that are producing content come up with two or three big plays a year that are their gems,” Nuzum said. “I have 40 of those that all qualify at that same level of innovation and enterprise. You’re seeing the first half dozen this week. But what will surprise people is how often we’re putting out material at the level we’re doing.” That rate, according to Nuzum, is one every week or two, and “that doesn’t stop.”