Smart Speakers and Podcasts: Update

There was an addition to the figures in the NPR/Edison Smart Audio Report from Podnews:

  • 35% said “listening to podcasts” was a reason for wanting a Smart Speaker.
  • 71% said they are listening to more audio since getting a Smart Speaker. Of those who listen to audio more, 23% said they are listening to podcasts more often.
  • 25% requested podcasts on the Smart Speaker in the last week.

So hopefully things aren’t quite as bleak for podcast consumption on smart speakers as I wrote earlier this week. On the radio side however, Mark Ramsey looked at the Triton Digital stats for radio consumption on smart speakers for 2017:

…these numbers certainly suggest that there’s a correlation between more smart speakers and more demand for the news I need and the songs I want and flat or less demand for traditional radio.