Podcasting Goes to Hollywood

Hark, two articles appear about podcasting and Hollywood!

Nicholas Quah, writing for Vulture:

We’re neck-deep in an age that features both Peak TV and a movie business with an ever-decreasing tolerance for failure, and the two industries are aggressively looking for anything that has a built-in crowd to snatch up and further monetize, because it’s much less risky to option content than to develop original IP within their higher-stakes, higher-cost environments. And lo, Podcastland these days is a hoppin’, dynamic, and comparatively lower-stakes/lower-reward place that boasts really, really engaged audience bases.

Not much else to add but recall that Gimlet formally announced Gimlet Pictures headed up by Chris Giliberti yesterday.

The second article, from Variety, contained a hidden nugget regarding the number of “active” podcasts in Apple’s eco-system:

Apple Podcasts, as the recently re-branded platform is now known, features more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages

Of course, how you define “active” is anyone’s guess. Serial hasn’t published an episode since March 31, 2016…