Recast Pushes Social Sharing Forward

Podcast host Simplecast has announced they will start beta-testing a new social sharing tool called “Recast” .

Audiogram creation saw a bunch of new endeavors last year but seems to have gone quiet recently – indeed, Anchor’s popular audio clipper tool was actually removed in its latest version 3.0. The smart twist in this latest idea from Simplecast is to allow for listener-side creation of clips – the theory being that your biggest fans are potentially willing to take the time to create and share their favorite parts from your podcast.

Brad Smith, writing on the Simplecast blog:

Most audiograms floating around social media today are created by the podcast creator or the show’s producer. While they create some wonderful things, this format prevents the listener from sharing their favorite segment, joke, or tear-jerker. We believe putting listeners in control of what’s contained in an audiogram will increase the joy of sharing, thereby increasing the desire and willingness to share. Recast is the industry’s first, fully listener-accessible audiogram sharing tool.

I love this idea in theory but, of course, the devil will be in the details.

How to you make a compelling audio clipper in a small embedded window?

They must push the user into a new window for this, I cannot imagine being able to cram all this into a 400px area within the embedded player widget.

How does the listener create an audio clip while listening to the show?

I can’t think of a way to make this a non-interruptive experience. Is the listener going to stop listening during a great moment to go make a clip? I guess the expectation is that the listener will complete an episode and then go back and make the clip. But how does a listener go back and find that 30 second clip in a 40 minute show? Leading to the next question…

What is the UI for finding the clip you want to share?

It’s easy to forget (for those of us who spend hours indoors in DAWs) that waveforms are a sucky way to visualize conversations. Will the everyday listener be able to understand and visualize where the part of the episode is that they want to clip? The ideal experience would be something like Descript or Anchor’s recently-removed-but-apparently-coming-back audio clipper where the user can read a transcript and use that to find the part of the episode they want.

I’m excited to see how this all works when Simplecast plans to roll Recast out to all users in Spring 2018.