Clipisode, a Social Video Creation App, Launches

When I read about Clipisode launching, I thought “aha, its Anchor for videos!”. Which is just how TechCrunch describes it:

Similar to how Anchor now allows anyone to build a professional podcast using simple mobile and web tools, Clipisode does this for video content.

Except that description is too simplistic. Clipisode provides a collection and aggregation tool on top of the existing social networks. In broad strokes: a creator makes a video in Clipisode and shares it with their followers on Twitter/Facebook. Their followers can respond with their own videos on those social networks and the creator can use Clipisode to collect and edit those replies into a single video for sharing on any social network.

What is smart is that Clipsode isn’t trying to solve both creation and distribution at the same time. Instead of trying to build another social network and all the difficulties that entails, it integrates with all the existing networks. And by being platform-neutral, Clipisode creators can reach their fans where they already are, which isn’t an area that the established companies would enter: Instagram isn’t going to let you collect replies from Snapchat. Hell, Twitter won’t even show your Instagram photos in its timeline.

The app is free currently, but the plan is to generate revenue by later selling subscription access to the authoring suite where users can create the animated overlays and branding components that give the video the professional look-and-feel.

Another thing that stood out to me is that Clipsode is not going doing the traditional ad-supported route. Going back to the Anchor comparison, Anchor will insert a post-roll ad on all episodes hosted for free on its service and adds its own branding to Anchor Clips. Since Clipsode is positioning itself as a creator tool rather than a consumer app, selling access to better/faster creator tools means that Clipisode is not reliant on mass adoption to make money.

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