Blubrry Announces Music Licensing, but Does It Offer Anything New?

Blubrry got some coverage yesterday for its announcement that it was parternering with SourceAudio to offer music licensing to podcasters. Anna Washenko writing for RAIN News:

Podcasting company and RawVoice subsidiary Blubrry announced a deal with SourceAudio, a B2B music licensing specialist, that will allow podcasters to use music in their shows. Blubrry’s customers will have access to the library of licensed music for their podcasts at a discount.

Of course the big caveat here is that you can’t license any music. So if you had dreams of opening each episode with that Beyoncé track then you are going to be disappointed.

Positioning this ‘music licensing for podcasts’ is a smart piece of marketing from Blubrry, yet this doesn’t appear to offer anything more than any other music library (such as Audioblocks or AudioJungle). Digging deeper, this is SourceAudio’s business model; white-labeling library music search portals. From SourceAudio’s FAQs:

SourceAudio is a cloud based sync licensing white label platform for music publishers and administrators to manage, search, distribute and monetize their audio assets. SourceAudio is also a network and marketplace for music licensing buyer and sellers. With SourceAudio you get the best of both worlds: a powerful, premium music website PLUS the opportunity to be included in many exciting sales and distribution programs we make available to members on our network. Music sellers can reach new buyers and music buyers can have access to the best new music, features, and tools in the business

That said, licensing popular music is difficult and expensive. Broadcast Law Blog has a good overview of some of the problems if you really do want to use that Beyoncé track.