Entale Brings Its 'Enhanced Podcasts' to iOS

Entale is another (see The Guardian and Spotify) company aiming to develop a new format for podcasts. You might recall that late in 2017, GQ and Universal Music in the UK tried out some enhanced audio podcasts? Well that was powered by Entale’s publishing platform.

Now they have their own iOS app which adds synced chapter visuals and links during playback.

I tried it out and Entale feels like the most polished version of this concept that I’ve seen. It has slick chapter navigation and allows you to scroll past the current keyframe to see what other photos and links are coming up. Inevitably it works much better for factual shows rather than the more loose roundtable conversation-type podcasts. Slate’s recent Slow Burn, for example, becomes more powerful by having photos of the people in each episode (also nice that Entale has mobile and web versions).

However, my previous questions from my earlier post, Does Podcast Need a New Format?, still remain (along with a couple more specifically for Entale):