WNYC Tackling Podcasting's Biggest Challenges

Ricardo Bilton writing for DigiDay:

To improve how its podcasts are discovered and shared, WNYC recently started attaching static images to episodes of “Here’s The Thing” and “The New Yorker Radio Hour,” which it uploaded to Facebook and Twitter as video. (Facebook doesn’t let users upload audio). It’s also thinking of ways of cutting up its shows into smaller portions to push out on its distribution channels, but it’s not easy.

…the vast majority of listening happens on platforms that the creators don’t own. For WNYC, that means iTunes, which accounts for 70 percent of its downloads. The station said it is seeking to reclaim that audience, trying to team up with other podcast companies to create a single platform for on-demand audio.

Creators will go to where the audience is, not the other way around. Creators can create as many platforms as they want, if there is no audience then the platform is irrelevant. See Apple Connect.