Mack Weldon Case Study: More Good News For Podcast Advertisers

Yuyu Chen writing for Digiday, reports that Mack Weldon have “doubled their sales through podcast advertising”:

Podcast advertising now represents 25 percent of Mack Weldon’s overall ad budget per month, 100 times more than a year ago. The medium has become more effective than display ads for the company, because when people listen to podcasts, they are fully engaged and they can continue listening while making a purchase.

Unfortunately there are no more figures article to back up the “doubled sales” headline or more details such as over what timespan or how they can attribute these sales to podcast advertising. But still, good news!

And interesting quote later on From Lex Friedman, EVP of Sales and Development at Midroll:

In the past few months alone, podcast advertising network Midroll added Dunkin’ Donuts, Chipotle, Allstate, Wendy’s and Procter & Gamble as advertisers, said Lex Friedman, the company’s evp of sales and development.

I wonder if multi-national brands will see the same return on podcast advertising? For smaller brands like Mack Weldon and Casper, the ad reads can feel like the host telling you about something new and cool. Will that feel the same when the host tells you about the new Spicy Baconator at Wendy’s?