Audible isn't the future of podcasts

Interesting perspective on what a podcast app that achieves mainstream success might look like from Alex Carter on Medium.

Some of his arguments however focus on features that only experienced podcast listers want (discovery, a complete catalog), but in order for podcasts to be mainstream you need to find the mainstream audience. It is easy to forget that most people aren’t experienced podcast listeners.

While discussing the idea that podcasts can’t be bundled into existing music streaming apps:

If users want podcasts, they will open their podcast app of choice.

I would argue that the majority of people don’t know they want podcasts. Bundling podcasts into existing apps (Spotify, Pandora, Google Play) hopefully puts podcasts in front of audiences that otherwise wouldn’t have even considered listening to one.

I do completely agree with Alex on the point of when discovery should happen:

The key here is having discovery and sharing begin to happen inside the same app where you listen to podcasts, not just on Facebook or Twitter, where you aren’t going to stop tweeting, reading, or looking at cat GIFs to listen to a 20 minute episode.

Which is why I’m perplexed at the seeming popularity of podcast recommendation email lists :)