The Fader interviews hosts of For Colored Nerds and Call Your Girlfriend

Megan Reynolds in The Fader interviews the hosts of For Colored Nerds and Call Your Girlfriend on the slow shift to podcasting being less massively white and male:

For more than a decade, that was the standard: white hosts telling stories to an audience that reflected what they saw when they looked in the mirror.
But thanks to this conversational medium’s natural ability to express its show creators’ identities — in addition to the ways that producing podcasts sidesteps broadcasting’s traditional power structure by placing control directly in the hands of the creators themselves — podcasting has become a valuable platform for once-marginal voices.

Aminatou Sow, co-host, Call Your Girlfriend:

For me, it was really important to have representation. When I started doing this I couldn’t name you one black woman who was hosting a podcast—either because others weren’t there, or for my own personal ignorance. Now, I can name 10.

Eric Eddings (co-host of For Colored Nerds):

We have an episode called “Dear White People” where this family wrote to us about their desire to move to the South Side of Chicago. They were a white family, and their reason to do that was to combat their own privilege and lack of understanding; they wanted to connect with a community. We wrestled with it a lot in the episode… But we answered it knowing what we know. We recognized that we had a platform, and that it was an opportunity to discuss the role those types of [experiences play in our world] and how black people internalize them.

Dear White People is fantastic, eye-opening, humbling episode and a great place to start if you’ve never listened to For Colored Nerds.