Slow news week roundup

Not much happening in the podcast world this week but here is a quick roundup of some news:

Spotify launches new original shows

…they feel like something of a response to Apple’s Beats 1 Radio station, a chance for Apple Music’s major rival to inject some personality into its streaming service

WSJ thinks podcasts have an ad-skipping problem
In which the WSJ writes an entire story about the skip ahead button but there is this interesting morsel:

During a recent episode of the Gimlet Media Inc. podcast “Reply All,” for example, 85% of listeners who began the program on Spotify were still listening by the 12th minute of the show, which covers internet culture. At roughly the 16th minute, when the ad break started, the audience dipped to 77% of the original listeners. It then bounced back to about 85% after the ad finished. Spotify is a new entrant to the podcast world, so that sample only represents a few thousand people, said Gimlet co-founder Matt Lieber.

A breaking news podcast is being tried out for the convention season in the US

“The podcasting form is completely saturated with great but long-form, highly-produced podcasts,” [Andrea Seabrook, the new D.C. bureau chief for American Public Media] said. “We want to do something that’s quick and dirty that brings people what they want to hear, an exciting take and point of view from what happened last night.”