Social sharing moves in the right direction

In the last couple of weeks there have been some moves made to improve the sharing of podcasts. Anchor have released a tool that can create captioned videos from audio for sharing on social media, Pippa have released a similar tool, and RadioPublic have partnered with WordPress to add embeddable players in WordPress posts.

You can see a double-sided strategy here: expand the podcast consumption market by improving sharing and awareness, and then put your branding on the sharing widget and try and bring more users to your platform.

The problem for Anchor (and Pippa) is that they don’t have a traditional player. Since Pippa has no player yet and Anchor will only play content created on its own platform, there is no clear call to action that users can take from a shared video. Indeed, it’s odd to see Pod Save America use Anchor branded Clips on social media when you can’t listen to the show on Anchor.

For me, the most exciting news is for WordPress users to be able to embed a RadioPublic player in their posts. From an embedded player, RadioPublic can push users through to the RadioPublic app (if the user is on a mobile device). I’m very skeptical how many users are going to play a podcast while they read a blog post (trying to read while listening to podcast is impossible for me) but lowering the friction for users to go from a shared episode to their podcast player is a step in the right direction.

What would be the best experience? An Instapaper or Pocket-style ‘save for later’ button where I can add an episode to the queue in my app from a webpage. I don’t want to listen to a podcast right now because I’m reading a blog post, but I want to listen to it later when I’m commuting home.
I would be surprised if we don’t see a 1-click save-for-later feature from RadioPublic soon.