Dynamo Opens Up Dynamic Content Insertion to the Masses

Via podnews: Dynamo from Voxnest (who bought Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio last month) has launched last week. It offers Dynamic Content Insertion to smaller podcasts. (pet peeve: people call it Dynamic Ad Insertion but it actually can be used for any content).

There is a ‘real-time’ marketplace working behind this:

Potential advertisers bid for placement for your show in real time. We’ll refresh the ads on your episodes with highest bidders

This is very similar to the way online display ads work (here is a decent primer on Google AdWords from AdHawk) so we’re talking about inserting 3rd-party commercial radio-style ads rather than using host-read ads.

There seems to be a friction between two sides of the story here. On one side we have Voxnest saying “its hard for small podcasts to monetize! We need something like Google AdSense for podcasts!”. And on the other, we have that Wired report yesterday ‘Podcast Listeners Really Are The Holy Grail Advertisers Hoped They’d Be’ and in December last year it was reported that HowStufWorks was moving away from third-party ads on all its podcasts:

“Our listeners didn’t love the experience,” said Jason Hoch, HowStuffWorks chief content officer. “They often felt like they were being shouted at.”

I wonder how tolerant audiences will be for commercial radio-style ads on smaller shows?