Pacific Content Rebrand Branded Podcasts

With a clickbait title of “Branded Podcasts Are Dead”, Pacific Content (the company behind podcasts for Dell, Slack and Prudential) decide to call their work “Original Podcasts With Brands”:

We thought long and hard about what our product really stands for. We thought about how we want audiences, clients, and our producers to think about our shows. And we thought about what sort of language already exists to describe the types of shows we strive to produce.
And then we found it.
“Original podcasts with brands.”

I agree that “branded podcast” was a sightly odd term, conjuring cattle ranching rather than content promoting a multinational corporation, and it had a slightly unpalatable edge to it:

“Branded podcasts” made it sound like we were producing shows that were more about promoting our clients instead of our clients creating shows to make their current and potential customers really, really happy.

However some of the improvements they claim to have seen since changing the name seem a like pure PR fluff:

…the name change has impacted podcast audiences. We now see our shows treated as they should be — like an original show that audiences truly love listening to. The ratings and reviews for the shows have become raves, the audience numbers have skyrocketed and hit all-time highs, and the appreciation for the brands producing the shows has been exceptionally positive.

Making great content is the only way to build an audience (hello) but for all their good intentions do not forgot that this is advertising content created as part of a global marketing strategy for business conglomerates.