Bumpers Shuts Down

Sad news from Bumpers this week:

Sadly we need to start the process of shutting down Bumpers & Captioned.

Despite a very talented team and raising $1M in seed funding in October 2016, it seems like they didn’t find the growth they were looking for.

We have been working to broaden podcasting for the last 3 years now and but due to lack of growth and funding we aren’t able to continue any longer.

The app was gorgeous and the creation flow was very slick but as I wrote back in June 2016 when Rolltape closed down, I’ve never felt good about casual audio creation. I totally get that “Twitter for audio” is an appealing idea but the nature of audio being “something I consume while doing something else” means its hard to build an engaging app built on that premise. These days it’s hard just to get people to install a new app. Also, the quality of mics in smartphones isn’t good enough yet to make compelling audio for the discerning listener. The Bumpers team also tried to pivot to video with Captioned but that too will be closed down.
I wish the team the best and am excited to see what they build next.