Quick Picks From the Infinite Dial 2018 Report

Edison Research and Triton Digital have released their study of how American’s listen to digital audio, use social media and bunch of other things.

Check out the deck and Anna Washenko at RAINNews has some solid coverage for folks who want to delve a little deeper.

Here are a few tidbits in the deck that stood out to me:

Smart speaker ownership grew rapidly

Over the last year, the percentage of respondents who own a smart speaker grew from 7% to 18%. Of those, 11% own both an Alexa device and Google Home – which struck me as very high? Maybe because we are still in the ‘early adopter’ phase of smart speaker growth, those consumers are more open to trying all available products? Amazon Music usage grew this year as well which could well be attributed to the ‘power of default’ by it being the default music service on Alexa devices.
Note: the study was conducted before the Apple HomePod launched.

Decline in Facebook usage

Not new, since this was reported by Facebook in their Q4 earnings, but interesting to see this confirmed by another study. The percentage that “currently ever use Facebook” declined from 67% to 62% , with they youngest demographic 12-34 year olds declining the most. Twitter also has no growth in usage, leaving Instagram and Snapchat to take up the space left.

In-car seems very promising for podcast growth

Podcasts overtook Satellite Radio in the car for the first time

A reminder that podcasting still not that well known

64% of respondents were ‘familiar’ with the podcasting. Which is a sobering reminder for me that 2 out of 5 people would reply “huh?” when I start chatting about podcasting.

But of those that do listen, they are consuming more content

There was an increase in the number of podcasts listened to in a week; from 5 to 7. It seems like the rise in daily news shows may have had an impact in that figure for 2018